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Travel Declaration for Year-End Holidays

Dear Parent/Guardian,

MOH has advised Singapore residents to defer all forms of travel overseas, except for general travel to an evolving list of countries/regions where the virus situation is well under control and the risk of importation is low, as well as under other special circumstances.

To ensure schools continue to be a healthy and safe environment for all, we require parents/guardians to make a travel declaration only if your child/ward intends to travel for the year-end holidays. NIL returns are not required.

Please declare your child/ward’s travel plans for the year-end holidays by 30 Oct 2020 (Friday). We encourage you to do so via the Parents Gateway app (refer to https://pg.moe.edu.sg). If you do not have access to Parents Gateway, you may do so using the attached hardcopy.  If your child/ward is travelling, please indicate clearly both the country and city of travel. Only one parent is required to declare. 

In planning your travel, please refer to the attached advisory on travelling. If there is a change of travel plans after declaration, please inform the school directly rather than through Parents’ Gateway.

Thank you for your partnership and support to keep our school safe.

Mr Tan Kuo Cheang