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Updated on 24th October 2019
“3, 2, 1 Lights!”

It is a signal that is familiar to all Xinmin students. It is a signal of anticipation. It is a signal to our students that they are going to lead their audience into worlds that they have created and facilitate them in thinking about community and global issues, themes and topics in the performance.

RefleXions@Xinmin is our signature lower secondary drama programme that is offered to every student in Xinmin. Designed to lead students to explore the way people think, feel and communicate, our students will also learn to work with their peers to develop performances for presentation. 

The process enables students to build connections with people, and develop empathy and compassion for others through play. Our students also develop critical thinking skills as they learn to evaluate the effectiveness of their performances as well as those that they watch.

Students who wish to further develop their interest in Drama may offer Drama as an O-level subject at Secondary Three.