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St John Brigade (SJB)

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Bagging its 16th Gold for Corp Achievement Award since 2001, St. John Brigade (SJB) has proven its tenacity and excellence through its training programmes, focusing on camaraderie and First Aid proficiency. 

In SJB, cadets participate in a myriad of activities such as home nursing, hospital attachment, camping and heritage tours, over the course of four years. These activities aim to contribute to the holistic growth of the cadets so that they may become wellbalanced individuals who are both physically and socially active; who learn to not only work well in teams, but also to extend their reach to the needs of society. 

During the weekly trainings, the cadets undergo continual upgrading of their first aid skills and knowledge. This enables them to assist in rendering First Aid during school and public events such as the school’s Combined Sports Meet. At the time of each cadet’s graduation from Xinmin Secondary, he would have attained, at least, Certification in Basic First Aid and/or CPR+AED. It is our hope that our cadets would be able to provide useful assistance with these life-saving skills during critical situations.

Mr Loo Wen Bin (IC)
Mr Chow Zhen Zao
Ms Wang Xuejuan

Executive Committee
Corps Sergeant Major (CSM):                 Jermaine Han Jia Rui (302)
Assistant Corps Sergeant Major (ACSM): Cavan Chuan Qi Xun (302)
Publicity:                                                 Joie Loh Xun Kit (303)
Logistics:                                                 Tan Miao Yi (307)
Cadet Development:                                 Tan Qing Rong Andy (303)

CCA Schedule
Wednesdays: 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm
Fridays: 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm
Activities (usually organised by UG HQ) may occur on other days, including weekends, not stated in this schedule.

CCA Achievement
Attained 16th consecutive GOLD for Corp Achievement Award (2017)