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National Cadet Corps (NCC)


The Xinmin National Cadet Corps (NCC) is a dynamic and rugged CCA. There are ample opportunities for cadets to participate in a wide range of activities. Leadership programmes are also in place to groom promising cadets to be future leaders.  Activities are conducted at both school and HQ levels. Through these activities, Xinmin NCC seeks to nurture cadets into resilient, disciplined, committed, and responsible individuals.


Below are some of the activities in which our cadets participate each year:

  • Sec 1 Cadets: Kayaking Orientation Programme, 2 Day 1 Night Introductory Camp,
  • Sec 2 Cadets: 1-Star Kayaking Proficiency, Individual Marksmanship Training (IMT), Orienteering Competition, Self-Defence
  • Sec 3 Cadets: 2-star Kayaking Proficiency, Self-Defence, SAR 21 Live-Firing


To hone the leadership skills of our cadet leaders, our Sec 3 cadets are given the responsibility to organise, plan and conduct the unit’s weekly training programmes which include Foot drills, Arms drills, Precision Drill Squad (PDS) training, Individual Field Craft (IFC), Orienteering and Physical Training. They are also given the opportunity to plan the annual camp which aims to build camaraderie among the cadets.  To further enrich the NCC cadets’ experience, we have introduced the Basic Rope Course this year.  We have also sent the following cadets to attend NCC-HQ overseas training programme:


1. Cpl Elijah Seah              Exercise Puncak Adventure Programme (Malaysia)

2. Cpl Theodore Tan          Exercise Puncak Adventure Programme (Malaysia)

3. SSgt Reyes Soh            International Cadet Exchange Programme (United Kingdom)



Mr Effendy B Ahmadi (Commanding Officer)

Mr Ang Koon Yong (Teacher Officer)

Mr Lin Shunyi (Teacher Officer)


Student Committee 2018/2019

Unit Sergeant Major:                                   SSgt Reyes Soh

Assistant Unit Sergeant Major:                   SSgt Jovian Pua

Company Sergeant Major (Sec 1 Cadets): SSgt Ethan Shak Jin Jie

Company Sergeant Major (Sec 2 Cadets): SSgt Mohammad Dzakwan Bin Mohamad

Company Sergeant Major (Sec 3 Cadets): SSgt Ervin Ng Yu Boon


CCA Schedule

Wednesdays and Fridays: 3 pm to 6 pm