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Girl's Brigade

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Xinmin’s Girls’ Brigade (GB) is a Gold and Sustained Achievement Award CCA whose mission is to develop each girl to her fullest potential by equipping, empowering and enabling every girl towards the goal of Every Girl a Leader. 

As a uniformed group, the girls participate in badge work and drill practices. Badge work nurtures them in areas of educational, emotional, social and spiritual. Drill instils discipline, unity and respect in our girls. To develop life skills, our girls are given multiple opportunities to lead, plan and participate in a myriad of outdoor and indoor activities. 

Xinmin GB seeks to develop our girls to lead with the mind and heart. Our girls play an active role serving the community in line with the GB theme “Grasp the Vision: Live the Mission - Be Empowered”. As the 42nd company of the GB Singapore, we work with the rest of the GB companies in Singapore to collectively serve special segments in the community by befriending the Lonely, Elderly, Needy and those with Special Needs (LENS). 2018 saw the 8th edition of GB Friendship Day. This year GBFD had an additional track of technology enabling service called D-Serve (Digital Serve). Our girls were given the opportunity to transfer their Coding knowledge into practical use. They incorporated microbit into games that helped the elderly in the areas of recreation and mobility. In addition, they bonded with the elderly in the Sengkang neighbourhood and planned programmes to occupy them meaningfully. Some activities that enthused the residents include origami and mooncakes making. Through planning, organising activities and interacting with the community, GB girls have grown in empathy, active listening and communication skills. 

In March, the girls participated in the biennial National Drill competition in which both the teams excelled and clinched the silver and gold awards. 

We would also like to commend Staff Sergeant Tan Shu Wen for taking up the challenge to complete the final stage of the Pioneer Brigader Brooch (PBB) Camp with gusto.

Ms Grace Chen Yee Farn (IC)
Ms Isabelle Lim
Ms Ulrica Liang Zhirong

Captain: LT  Tay Ching Yee 
Officer: LT Delia Kang

Student Committee
Head Girl:     Staff Sergeant Soh Yan Lin (402)
Vice-Head:   Staff Sergeant Ang Yi Pin (404) 
    Staff Sergeant Tan Shu Wen (407)

CCA Schedule
Wednesdays: 3 pm to 6 pm
Saturdays: 8.30 am to 12 pm
Activities (usually organised by UG HQ) may occur on other days, including weekends, not stated in this schedule.

CCA Achievement
Attained Girls’ Brigade Company Award 2017 (6th Consecutive Gold)

Please follow @xms.gb42 on Instagram for ongoing updates and photos of our events and activities. 
For more information, head over to www.padlet.com/xmss/xmsgb42ndcompany