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Boy's Brigade

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2018 marks the 25th year since the Company was founded by then Captain Mr Raymond Tan. The Company organised a carnival in November 2018 and invited all stakeholders including past Officers, Primers, teachers and old Boys to thank them for their contributions and commitment. Moving forward, the Company will continue to mould Boys into young men imbued with the habits of obedience, reverence, discipline and self-respect. True to the vision of the Brigade, we also hope to continue to engage our Boys in fun, challenging and meaningful activities to be “First for Youth”.


 The highlight event for the year was the overseas Company Training Camp where our Boys scaled to the peak of Mount Ophir, Malaysia. They also participated in activities such as waterfall abseiling and river scrambling. While the Boys enjoyed these activities, they were also challenged to come out of their comfort zone and learnt the importance of teamwork and perseverance. 


We are proud to announce that the Company has once again attained the prestigious J M Fraser Gold Award in 2019. We are also proud that four of our Boys, WO Joshua Tan, SSG Fong Yi Shen, SSG Ong Yen Xun and SSG Gan Jinjie were awarded the Founder’s Award, which is the highest award given to a Boy in the Seniors Programme.


The BB 45th Officers and Primers 

Captain                                              – LTA Bay Qin Yao

Overall Teacher-In-Charge            – 2LT Jason Ting (IC)

Teacher-In-Charge                          – Mr Jimmy Sim

Teacher-In-Charge                          – Mr Liu Hongyou

Teacher-In-Charge                          – Mr Yeap Choon How

Officer                                                – 2LT Bernard Soon

Officer                                                – 2LT Terence Chung

Primer (Platoon Commander 1)    – CLT Joshua Tan

Primer (Platoon Commander 1)     – CLT Fong Yi Shen 

Primer (Platoon Commander 2)    – SCL Ng Chun Hei

Primer (Platoon Commander 2)    – SCL Tea Yan Xin  

Officer (Platoon Commander 3)    – 2LT Terence Loke

Officer (Platoon Commander 3)    – OCT Jacky Seow 

Primer (Platoon Commander 3)     – SCL Theodore Tan

Primer (Platoon Commander 4)    – SCL Wong Kwan Kai

Primer                                                – SCL Kow Jia Liang

Primer                                                – SCL Gerald Yeo

Primer                                                – SCL Irwin Koh

Primer                                                – SCL Leroy Lim

Primer                                                – SCL Zeph Tan



The 2017/2018 BB 45th Council 

Company Sergeant Major                           – SSG Hiw Zheng Han (402)

Assistant Company Sergeant Major         – SSG Ryan Lee Han Ping (402)

Assistant Company Sergeant Major         – SSG Wilment Tay Chin Chye (407)


CCA Schedule

Wednesdays: 3.30 pm to 6 pm

Saturdays: 7.30 am to 1 pm

Activities (usually organised by UG HQ) may occur on other days, including weekends, not stated in this schedule.


CCA Achievement

Attained JM Fraser Award for Excellence – Gold (2018)