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Student Council


Xinmin’s Student Council comprises of dynamic student leaders who represent and serve as role models for the student body by Leading, Listening and Learning. The Student Council aims to develop Student Councillors into caring, responsible and adaptable leaders. The Student Council organises annual events such as the Secondary One Orientation and All Staff Day in addition to supporting the school’s operations on a daily basis. Student Councillors also have the opportunity to attend external leadership events such as the Global Youth Leaders’ Summit and Dunman High School Leadership Symposium 2019.

This year, the XMS Student Council focused on providing platforms for more student voices to be heard. They did so by organising dialogues between the student leaders and the Principal in Semester 1 which facilitated conversations regarding students’ concerns about the school, but also fostered a shared vision for empowered leadership in Xinmin. 

Mr Gary Neo (HOD/Character and Citizenship Education)
Ms Grace Heng 
Mrs Shanti Teo
Mr Ganesan Selvarathnam
Ms Tan Hui Li
Mr Ahmad Nabil
Mr Liu Hongyou

Executive Committee 2019/2020
President:                  Olivia Yong Kay Li (306)
Vice-Presidents:   Jerald Yap Guang Cheng (302)
                                         Izaac Lim Yongcheng (302)
Executive Heads:  Lee Hong Jia (303)
                                         Sharva Siddha Shanker (305)
                                         Foo Sze Lyn Jane (306)
                                         Poon Xue Er Gwen (307)