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(Students will be required to undergo trials and selections before joining this CCA.)

Badminton is the fastest racquet sport in the world which requires agility, strength, power, speed and high mental endurance. In Xinmin Badminton Team (XMBT), we aim to inculcate core values such as respect, teamwork, resilience and leadership in our players as well as develop in them the proper skills and techniques of Badminton. XMBT has consistently been doing well in competitions such as the annual Inter-school Badminton Championships, various external competitions and many other friendly matches against players from other schools. Besides participating in competitions, our players also organise competitions for players from Primary Schools as well as plan and organise our own annual Badminton camp. All these provide the girls with the opportunities to hone their leadership skills as well as strengthen their bonds as a team.

2019 Achievements
North Zone: 4th Position
National: Top 16

2018 Achievements
NSG Badminton – North Zone 2018     
C Division Girls – 4th                    
B Division Girls – 4th

NSG Badminton – National Round 2018
C Division Girls – Top 8                     
B Division Girls – Top 16

Mrs Ho Yen Peng (IC)
Mrs Vivien Tay Beng Qian
Mrs Jane Wu
Mr Lim Kok Chong 
Ms Anny Roezza Binte Abdul Aziz

Mr Wong Shoon Keat (B Division Coach)
Mr Hor Chai Hian (C Division Coach)

Student Committee
B Division Captain:           
Ho Hui Yu (403)

B Division Vice-Captain(s):   
Lim Ruo Yee (408) & Lim Kaye-Lynn (402)  
C Division Captain:       
Nicole Ng (204)

C Division Vice-Captain(s):  
Amanda Soon Qi-En (204) & Pang Wen Yi (201) 

CCA Schedule

Badminton (Girls)







Sem 1: Sec 1 & 2
Sem 2:
Sec 1

3pm to 6pm


3pm to 6pm


1pm to 4pm

*8am to 11am

Sem 1: Sec 3, 4 & 5
Sem 2:
Sec 2 & 3

3pm to 6pm

3pm to 6pm

1pm to 4pm

*Training and Friendly Games when necessary