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English Drama


The Xinmin English Drama Club aims to groom a troupe of talented and confident young performers through a series of tailored programmes and the guidance of experienced instructors. Students are provided with a platform to showcase their artistic potential, and are awarded with opportunities to excel in various aspects of drama. They can demonstrate their creativity by contributing on-stage and off-stage in areas including acting, stage management, directing, writing, planning events and creating stage props and costumes. Through weekly training sessions and various internal and external performances, students can uncover their own hidden talents in acting, develop their voices and gain confidence in expressing themselves.


Our students devised, and staged two original productions entitled, “Home”, and “Forty” at our annual Drama Night in 2019. Our members were mentored by Ms Han Xuemei, resident playwright at Drama Box, and Mr Ruben Heng, an alumnus of the Drama Club.



Mdm Norliza Ali (IC)

Mdm Rebecca Abey

Mrs Doreen Ng


Student Committee

President: Vionn Tan (405) 

Vice-President(Production): Ernest Lim (408)

Vice-President(Performance and skill): Nguyen Van Lam (403)

Vice-President(Special projects & Partnership): Olivia Yong (406)

Stage Manager: Ang Qi Xuan (403)

Assistant Stage Manager: Vianne Lee (305)

Lighting & Sound Manager: Tiffany Lim (401) 

Assistant Lighting & Sound Manager: Joanne Seah (304)

Props & Costumes Manager: Tan Tse Yee (402) 

Assistant Props & Costumes Manager: Jovan Sim (301) 

Lower Secondary Head: Siddha Sharva (405) 

Secondary One Representative: Wee Zi Rou (202)

Secondary Two Respresentative: Fionne Tan (308)

CCA Schedule
Wednesdays: 3.30pm to 6.30pm
Fridays: 2.30pm to 5.30pm
Extra practices may be conducted prior to performances.

CCA Achievement 
Outstanding Performance in Creativity, Teamwork and Performance Structure for the Play! in Singapore Youth Festival 2019 Celebrations
Attained a Certificate of Accomplishment in Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2019
Most Creative Play Award in Singapore Youth Festival 2018 Celebrations
Attained a Certificate of Distinction in Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2017