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Chinese Literary, Drama and Debate Society (中文学会)- 2nd CCA


Since its inception, Xinmin Chinese Opera Troupe has staged many performances such as “Diao Chan”, “The Magic Lotus Lantern”, “Nightingale”, “The Story of Xinmin” , “Ne Zha Create Havoc in the Eastern Sea” and “Macbeth”. It has also been invited to perform in numerous countries, thus allowing students to showcase their talents on the international stage. During the last few years, the troupe has participated in international festivals in Denmark, Germany, India, Korea, Slovakia and France. In 2016, the troupe performed the Teochew Opera “The Duel” from “Mu Guiying”. It performed the Huang Mei Opera “Shuang Qiang Lu Wen Long” at the 2017 Singapore Youth Festival and was awarded the Accomplishment Certificate. It is worth mentioning that Xinmin Chinese Opera Troupe is the first and only performing troupe to have clinched this award. As a participant of the Singapore Youth Opera Showcase for the third consecutive year, we will continue to showcase our students’ talents through our new performance “Stealing from the Treasury”.

Instructors: Rong Dajun      

Teacher-In-Charge (负责老师)
Ms Xiao Yanfei (IC)
Mr Chew Lye Heng 

CCA Practice Schedule
Tuesdays: 4pm to 6pm
Fridays: 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm

CCA Achievement
Attained a Certificate of Accomplishment in Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2017