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Instructions to Students


1) Electronic Devices 
Mobile phones and other electronic devices are strictly not allowed to be used.
Mobile phones are to be switched off and placed inside the school bags.
Any mobile phones found in a student’s possession during the test or school examination will be confiscated. The case will be treated as an act of dishonesty and disciplinary actions will be taken.

2) Absence from Common Test & School Examinations
Students who are absent from any tests or school examinations are to submit a Medical Certificate (MC) to the Subject Teacher and the Form Teacher on the day he/she returns to school. 
Letters from parents will not be accepted unless there is a valid reason. 
For Tests, a make-up test will be arranged by the Subject Teacher. If the student does not appear  for the make-up test, no marks will be awarded.
For School Examinations, the school will adjust the student’s grades accordingly so as to not unduly penalise the student.

3) Bags & Belongings
All bags and other belongings are to be placed at the front or at the back of the classroom. If the hall is used as the examination venue, these items are to be placed at the back of the hall.
Students are reminded not to bring valuables to school.

4) Stationery 
Students are to use their own stationery. No borrowing of stationery (e.g. stapler) is allowed.
The use of erasable pen or correction fluid/tape is not allowed. 
Pencil cases and water bottles are to be placed on the floor. Stationery to be used must be taken out and placed on the table before the start of the paper.
For school examinations, Sec 1 to 3 students are to place their EZ-Link card at the top right-hand corner of the table for attendance taking purposes. Sec 4 and 5 students will display their NRIC/Student Pass. 

5) Cheating & Dishonesty 
  • If a student is found to be guilty of cheating, no marks will be awarded for that paper and disciplinary actions will be taken.

6) Toilet Visits
  • Students are strongly advised to visit the toilets before flag-raising ceremony if they are sitting for the first paper of the Day. Toilet visits will be for urgent cases only.

7) Seating Arrangement & Other Logistics
All students will take the papers in their own classrooms unless otherwise stated.
All students are to sit individually according to their index numbers or by following a seating plan which will be displayed outside the examination venue.
Class Chairpersons are to ensure that the wall clock in the classroom is in working condition and that it is synchronised to the school bell. Whiteboard markers are to be available in the room. 
Belongings on or around the desks must be cleared a day before the examinations.
Tables and chairs are to be arranged in a 6 x 7 layout after the last period, a day before the test/exam. Subject teachers will be supervising the arrangement of classroom furniture.