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Assessment Plan for 2021

Updated as of 04th Jan 2021

The assessment plan for Sec 1 to Sec 3 students are as follows:


Term 1


Assessment 1

Term 2


Assessment 2

Term 3


Assessment 3

Term 4



Sec 1 to 3

(All Streams)





Sec 4 and 5







Since 2019, common tests (CTs) and Mid-Year examinations (MYE) have been removed for Sec 1 to 3 students. In their place, the Sec 1 to 3 students are now assessed via Weighted Assessments (WA) and End-of-Year Examinations (EOY). The EOY will comprise 60% of a student's overall grade, with WAs taking up the other 40%.


Sec 4 and 5 students will still be assessed via CTs, MYE and Preliminary Examinations in their graduating year to prepare them for the national examinations.



Weighted Assessments


WAs are not intended to be conducted as the national examinations, where they cause undue anxiety and stress for students.  Students should treat each WA as gradual build-up of knowledge, skills and understandings in preparation for the final summative assessment (examinations).   


The WA for each subject may take the form of a pen and paper class test or other formats like online assignments, projects and practical tests.


For each term, WAs are usually conducted between Weeks 6 to 9 for Term 1, 2 and 3.  WAs are no longer administered in a common time slot. Instead, WA will take place during the timetabled subject time slot in the designated week for the class. Specific dates on which a subject’s WA is conducted may hence differ amongst classes. Within the stipulated week, teachers must negotiate the day of the week (test dates) with their class and feedback this information to their HOD/IP. This information must be reflected on the XO-Test Book System and manually written on the class’s notice-board’s calendar to reduce clashing of test dates amongst different subjects.


To manage our students' overall assessment load:

·       the WAs amongst different subjects have been spaced out across the weeks.

·       there are no more than two WAs scheduled on a given day; and

·       not more than four WAs per week. 

Specific dates for each WA are no longer published. Instead, schedule for WAs for each term will only reflect subjects and the designated weeks. This is released and published on our school website from the third/fourth week of each term.