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Assessment Plan for 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our students spent part of their Term 2 engaged in Full Home Based learning (FHBL). As such, the school had cancelled WA2 and re-adjusted our assessment plan for our Sec 1 to 3 students for 2020. Both the original and adjusted plans are shown below:

Assessment Plan for Sec 1 to 3 Students


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4


WA1 (10%)

WA2 (15%)

WA3 (15%)

EOY Exam (60%)

Adjusted (New)

WA1 (10%)

WA2 (0%)

WA3 (20%)

EOY Exam (70%)

The reason for making this adjustment is to give our students more time to develop their knowledge and skills in the different subjects before they are formally graded in their learning. We encourage all our students to revise regularly throughout the year and not put in last-minute effort just before any round of assessment as it might not be effective and will bring about high levels of stress and anxiety. This is especially important this year given that the end-of-year examination will comprise 70% of a student's overall grade while the other weighted assessments would only account for 30% of their overall grade. 

Secondary Four and Five students will be taking the following assessments:
  • Term 1: Common Test
  • Term 2: Mid-Year Examination (Cancelled)
  • Term 3: Timed Practices (Mid-Term)
  • Term 3/Term 4: Preliminary Examinations (End-Term)

A special Timed Practice is arranged to get our graduating students accustomed to the examination conditions and hone their examination skills (e.g., time management) before their Preliminary Examinations. Like the Common Test, the Timed Practice is formative in nature and will not contribute to students' overall grades.

Only the scores obtained during their Preliminary Examinations will be used in the computation of school grades for their graduating year.

* Subjects taught over a semester (e.g., Lower Secondary D&T, FCE) will follow the subject-specific assessment plan that will be briefed by the students’ respective subject teachers.

Term 3 Progress Update to Parents
Parents will be updated with a report comprising the individual students’ own assessment of areas they would like to improve on, and his/her teachers’ comments and suggestions on what and how to work on the identified areas for improvement.