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Assessment Plan for 2020

Our Sec 1 to 3 students will be graded based on the following general assessment plan:

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

WA1 (10%)

WA2 (15%)

WA3 (15%)

EOY Exam (60%)

It give our students more time to develop their knowledge and skills in the respective subjects before they are formally graded for their work. We encourage all our students to revise their work regularly throughout the year and not put in last-minute effort just before the examinations. The end-of-year examination comprise 60% of a student's overall grade, with the other forms of assessment taking up the other 40%. 

Secondary Four and Five students will be taking the following assessments:

·         Term 1: Common Test
·         Term 2: Mid-Year Examination
·         Term 3: Preliminary Examination

Their results will be reported in the form of progress reports and result slips. However, only the scores obtained during the Preliminary Examinations will be used in the computation of school grades for their graduating year. Secondary Four and Five students will not be graded based on alternative modes of assessment.

* Semestral-based subjects will follow the subject-specific assessment plan that will be briefed by the subject teachers.

***The subject-specific assessment plan for Sec 1 to 3 student (to be updated)