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Secondary 1 Posting


Students who have taken the PSLE are posted into schools via the Secondary One (S1) Posting Exercise. School admissions are based on merit and choice of secondary school made by the individual student. 


Appeals that take place after the S1 Posting Exercise must be aligned to these principles, in order to be fair to the other admitted students. While students may appeal directly to the Xinmin Secondary School for admission, they must meet the cut-off point of the school before their appeal will be considered. Please submit this form and other relevant documents stated on the form. All forms and documents must be submitted in person to the General Office within 2 working days upon the release of the Sec 1 Posting Results. As vacancies are limited, only successful candidates will be notified by the school.
Students who would like to gain admission to the school on the basis of other talents and achievements, e.g. those in sports or arts, already have the option of an alternative admissions pathway in the form of the Direct School Admissions (DSA) Exercise which was conducted before the PSLE.

Requirements to offer Higher Mother Tongue Languages (HMTL) at Sec 1

Xinmin Secondary School offers Higher Mother Tongue Language (HMTL) to eligible students. At admission to Sec 1, all Express Malay Language students will offer Higher Malay Language while all Normal (Academic) Malay Language students will offer Malay Language at the Express level.
For Chinese Language students, if they are not given the option to offer Higher Chinese Language by MOE based on their good performance at the PSLE, the school will administer a diagnostic test before the start of the school year for interested students, and if they are found suitable, the school will give them the opportunity to offer HCL at the start of Sec 1. 
As the school does not offer Tamil and other Indian languages, students will have to take their Mother Tongue language lessons outside the school.