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SWN@SSOE Login Guide

School users may connect to SWN@SSOE WIFI to access the internet for teaching and learning purposes.

To connect to SWN@SSOE WIFI:
1. On your device, under “Settings”,  select "Connections", enable your "WIFI".
2. Select “SWN@SSOE”.
(If you are unable to find “SWN@SSOE”, please click here)


3.     Upon connected to “SWN@SSOE” WIFI, you will be redirected to SWN@SSOE login page.
- If you are not directed to the login page, go to “http://portal.swn.moe.edu.sg

-   Check the “I accept the terms and disclaimer agreement”.
-   Login with your IAMS credentials to continue

If you have forgotten your IAMS password, please fill up the online form here. Alternatively, you may wish to fill up  the hardcopy password reset form available outside staff room 2 level 2.

4. If you are connecting to “SWN@SSOE” for the first time, please select “Click Here” to download and install “MOE-MSS” certificate. (You only need to install once).


5. You should  see this page upon successfully login to "SWN@SSOE" WIFI.


6. Remember to log out after you have finished using “SWN@SSOE” WIFI. 
To logout off "SWN@SSOE”, simply:
- Go to "http://portal.swn.moe.edu.sg",
- On the top of the screen, click on your “NRIC” and select “Sign Out”.