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Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Leading Hearts Leading Minds

Our Mission

To develop our students to their full potential, to inculcate in them sound values, as well as a mindset for excellence, and to nurture them to be responsible and caring members of society.

We believe that our mission can be achieved through a well-rounded education that seeks to develop the moral, cognitive, physical, social and aesthetic aspects of each child To this end, we strive to

  1. Provide visionary leadership and effective management
  2. Develop a cohesive and committed team of teachers who are caring and competent in imparting knowledge, skills and desirable attitudes to help pupils realise their potential.
  3. Implement a comprehensive and challenging academic programme that meets the different learning needs of our pupils.
  4. Offer a well-structured extra and co-curricular programme for character building and leadership training
  5. Create a conducive environment for promoting learning, inculcating sound values, teaching of lifeskills and National Education.
  6. Foster close partnerships with parents, alumni, cluster schools and the community

Our Aim

We aim to develop in all our pupils the following qualities:
  1. Positive self-esteem, confidence, and zest for life.
  2. Upright character and a sense of self-responsibility.
  3. Courage and determination to meet and overcome challenges.
  4. Passion for learning and creativity in thinking.
  5. A mindset for continuous improvement and excellence in work.
  6. Ability to relate and work well with others.
  7. Quest for personal well-being and healthy living.
  8. Appreciation for aesthetics and sensitivity to other cultures.
  9. Civic mindedness and a compassion for the less fortunate.
  10. Loyalty and commitment to the school, community and nation.