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Principal's Message

Tan_Kuo_Cheang.jpgFrom its humble beginnings in 1945 as a village school, Xinmin Secondary School has grown to be the outstanding institution it is today. As the first government school offering three academic tracks to be awarded the School Excellence Award (SEA) – the pinnacle award offered by the Ministry of Education for schools that are recognised for their excellence in school practices and student outcomes – Xinmin Secondary School continues to keep abreast with developments in education to prepare our students well for an exciting future ahead. 

Beyond providing them with a strong foundation for further learning, we equip all our students with 21st century competencies by infusing the development of competencies like critical and analytical thinking, collaboration and leadership in our daily teaching and learning, and through our school programmes. In line with our nation’s aspiration to become a Smart Nation, we harness technology with resources on the Student Learning Space, and pedagogical approaches like Flipped Classroom to help our students learn more effectively. 

As a school, we believe in offering our students multiple opportunities to discover and pursue their interests and passions, and through these experiences, develop holistically. It is for this reason that we offer a range of options to our students in both the academic and co-curricular areas. For example, we expose students to some of the knowledge, skills and concepts in Drama and Computing via our signature programmes RefleXions@Xinmin and Coding@Xinmin, respectively. Students who discovered their talents and interests in these subjects may subsequently offer them at the Upper Secondary level. 

Complementing the rigorous and enriching school-based curriculum, our school also offers state-of-the-art facilities like the Creative Arts Complex for our students to extend their learning of, and deepen their appreciation for the arts. It also presents our students with a platform to perform for the community and through this, build positive relationships with our neighbours in the community. 

Of course, Xinmin Secondary School could not have achieved all this without our fraternity of committed and competent staff members and strong support from our stakeholders. The trust and confidence our parents have given to the school have played a significant role in how the school could continue to deliver the best educational experience for each of our students. In particular, we closely partner the parents of our students to develop good character and better support the learning of each child. 

Our Alumni and School Advisory Committee (SAC) have also been generous in providing guidance and resource support, and in sharing their expertise in contributing to providing a better learning environment and school experience for our students. Testament to the strong support our school receives from our Alumni and SAC include, fund raising for the construction of our Creative Arts Complex, and the recognition for good performance from staff and students. We also appreciate our community and educational partners in providing the opportunities and support for our students to discover their talents and develop important values and competencies. 
Here in Xinmin, we are committed to providing our students with a well-rounded education in order to develop them into responsible and caring members of society who espouse sound values and a mindset for excellence. Indeed, Xinmin Secondary School has an established tradition of producing graduates who move on to create positive impact in their respective fields. We would like to extend a warm welcome to the new members to our Xinmin family and we are confident that you, like many others before you, will benefit from and enjoy the Xinmin experience!