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Major Milestones


Sin Min High School was founded by Mr Yap Fun Hong. It started as a Chinese medium primary school and Mr Yap was the first Principal. 


Mr Heng Chin Soo succeeded Mr Yap as the Principal of Sin Min High School. 


Mr Tung Sey Yew took over from Mr Heng as Principal.


Mr Tung applied to MOE to start a secondary section and received approval in mid-Jan 1956. 


A 2-night concert at Broadway Theatre, New World City, was staged and raised $10,000! The money was used to build 6 additional classrooms and to purchase a plot of land for future expansion. This was also the year where the first batch of students graduated from Sin Min High School. 


Mr Chew Peng Leng became the Principal of Sin Min High School after Mr Tung’s retirement.


A new administrative block that cost $80,000 was added through the generous donations of members of the Alumni Association and the School Management Committee.


Mr Chew, the longest serving Principal of Sin Min High School, retired. (He continues to serve today in Xinmin Secondary’s School Advisory Committee.)


Mr Teo Ting Kok was appointed the Principal, and saw the transformation of Sin Min High School from a Chinese-English integrated medium school, with both primary and secondary sections, into a government secondary school where English was the medium of instruction.


Sin Min High School relocated to Hougang Ave 8 and was renamed Xinmin Secondary School.


Mr Goh Tong Pak, an old boy of Sin Min High School, succeeded Mr Teo as Principal of Xinmin Secondary School and turned the school around in five years, bringing up the ranking of the school from 134th position to 81st position.


The Xinmin Secondary Alumni Association was formed.


Xinmin Secondary School adopted a new school logo to reflect the new philosophy of the school. The school also received the Academic Value-Added Award.


Xinmin Secondary School’s ranking rose to 50th position.


Mr Lee Hak Boon assumed the role of Principal. He revamped the school image and placed emphasis on the all-round development of students.


The school raised $10,000 through a walkathon to air-condition the school hall. Xinmin’s national ranking soared to 31st position.


On 28 Oct 2000, the SAC and Alumni Association held the first (qian ren yan) Celebration. Mr Yap Fun Fong’s copper bust was unveiled, distinguishing him as a key contributor to Xinmin’s history. Mr Yap returned from China to grace the occasion.


Xinmin Secondary School was awarded the status of Autonomous School and received the prestigious Singapore Quality Class (SQC) certification. It embarked on a series of fund-raising activities, which raised more than $1 million to build the Indoor Sports Hall and the Multi-Purpose Hall.


Xinmin underwent PRIME and relocated to the holding school at Fernvale.


Mrs Low Ay Nar took over as Principal and shared her philosophy, X=Q (Xinmin=Quality), a simple but powerful formula that reflects the school’s belief in quality education. Parents@Xinmin(PAX) was formed to involve parents in the school’s decision-making process.


Mrs Low introduced a slew of initiatives, such as “Take Charge! Own Your School!” to reinvent itself as a quality school. Xinmin achieved the Value-Added Award (Express) Top 20, Value-Added Award (Normal) Top 10, Sustained Achievement Award for Academic Value-Added (Express & Normal) and Sustained Achievement Award for Uniformed Groups. It was also one of the 12 secondary schools to receive the School Distinction Award.


Xinmin received the School Excellence Award (SEA), the highest and most prestigious award in MOE’s Masterplan of Awards framework. On 4 Aug 2005, Xinmin celebrated its 60th Anniversary.


Xinmin received the Outstanding Development Award for Character Development for innovative and exemplary approaches to character development. It was also ranked as a Band 1 school as its students emerge as the top 10% in the GCE O-Level examinations.


Mdm Liew Wei Li (formerly Special Assistant to Director-General of Education) took over the helm from Mrs Low as Principal.


Xinmin organised the 1st Secondary Schools Mother Tongue Teachers and Students Symposium.


Xinmin organised the 1st Science and Technology Symposium.


Xinmin celebrated its 65th Anniversary with the 2nd Gala Dinner (qian ren yan). The bronze statues of Mr Yap Fun Fong, Mr Tung Sey Yew and Mr Chew Peng Leng were unveiled, distinguishing them as the key contributors to Xinmin’s history.


Mrs Ong Hong Peng was appointed the Principal of Xinmin Secondary School. Xinmin continued to win many awards, including awards at the SYF Central Judging, such as Gold (with Honours) for Guzheng, Chinese Dance and Choir; Gold for Band, and Silver for English Drama.

In our GCE 2011 ‘N’ level results, Seah Bing Zhi from class 411 achieved 6As and was recognised as one of the top 4NT scorers of the nation.


Xinmin’s School Excellence Award was revalidated by MOE. Xinmin also received three Best Practice Awards (Staff Well-Being, Student All-Round Development, and Teaching and Learning) and the Outstanding Development Award in Character Development.


All 5 performing arts groups attained the Certificate of Distinction at the SYF Arts Presentation. The ground breaking ceremony for the new Creative Arts Complex was held on 13 Apr. Our Creative Arts Complex Fund-Raising cum Appreciation Dinner was held on 24 Oct with PM Lee Hsien Loong as the Guest-of-Honour.


Xinmin celebrated its 70th anniversary with a year of activities. 

On 25 July, the Creative Arts Complex (CAC) was opened by Minister Lawrence Wong, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and Second Minister for Ministry of Communications and Information.  The opening was attended by our key stakeholders, donors and distinguished guests who had contributed to the development of the building.  They were treated to the experience of an environmental theatre which took them to all the facilities in the building.  

On 21 Nov, a dinner organised by the Alumni Association and the school took place at its parade square.  The dinner was hosted by the School Advisory Committee for the school staff and attended by many alumni and former students.  The pioneer teachers were also acknowledged for their contributions at the dinner.


MOE announced the introduction of seven new applied subjects in secondary schools over the next two years. Xinmin will be offering two of these applied subjects – Computing from 2017 and Drama from 2018.