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Desired Xinmin Outcomes

Every Xinmin student a Curious Learner


Intellectual Curiosity

is inquisitive about the world.

proactively broadens his or her perspectives.

Self-Directed & Motivated

owns his or her own learning and development.

sets his or her own learning goals, and

paces himself or herself towards these goals, monitoring his or her progress along the way.

Flexibility & Adaptability

is open to adopt different ideas and viewpoints.

is able to adjust to new conditions by generating new ideas and exploring different pathways.

Critical Thinking

uses evidence to support his or her views,  and draws logical conclusions.

makes informed decisions after considering various options.

suspends judgment to reassess conclusions when presented with alternative viewpoints.

Every Xinmin student a Compassionate Contributor


Awareness of Self, Others, Environment

is reflective and has a strong sense of self awareness.

shows awareness of the complexities of issues (local, regional, global).

Empathy and Compassion

is respectful towards self and others.

considers others before self.

is able to see from the perspective of others.

is mindful of those who trail behind and lends them a helping hand.


recognises how others have supported him or her.

is committed to serve others and give back to society.

Moral Courage

does what is right even when it is difficult.

stands up for others.

Every Xinmin student a Confident Leader


knows himself or herself, and his or her purpose.

believes in himself or herself in achieving that purpose.


understands the realities yet remains positive.

perseveres even when faced with challenges.

has strength, courage and perseverance in the face of adversity.


is a good role model to his or her peers and juniors.

is motivated to grow and develop himself or herself, and

leads others to grow and develop themselves.

takes the initiative to act purposefully for the common good.


has good communication skills, i.e. listen, evaluate, express, clarify.

communicates effectively in consideration of the purpose, audience and context and the tone to use.

is able to influence and persuade others effectively through his or her communication.


takes on his or her responsibilities to contribute to the group,

works with others to achieve a shared goal, and

accepts decisions which he or she disagrees with for the sake of achieving a common goal.