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Staff Achievements

LEAP (Listening Educator for Advancement and Progress Award) Award 2016
This award is given by the Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan (SHHK) to recognise exceptional teachers who have made a positive impact in nurturing their students from the heart. Ms Cindy Beh (SH/English and Literature) is a recipient of this award. She has demonstrated the belief that all students have the potential to excel beyond their capabilities through her creative and innovative teaching methods. 

PS21 Star Manager Award 2017
MR-LEE-FOO-YONG1.jpgMr Lee Foo Yong
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Inspiring Chinese Language Teachers Award
MDM-XIAO-YAN-FEI.jpgMs Xiao Yan Fei (2017)
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MR-TANG-CHUN-CHIEH.jpg Mr Tang Chun Chieh (2016)
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2015 MOE Service Excellence Award
josh wong.jpgMr Josh Wong Han Xian
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National Day Awards 

Ms Yap Bee Leng MISS-YAP-BEE-LENG.jpg
National Day Commendation Award recipient (2016)  

MR-SIM-YONG-MENG-VINCENT.jpgMr  Sim Yong Meng Vincent
National Day Commendation Award recipient (2015) 

MR-TANG-CHUN-CHIEH.jpgMr Tang Chun Chieh
National Day Commendation Award recipient (2014)

MR-HARDEV-SINGH.jpgMr Hardev Singh
National Day Commendation Award recipient (2013)

Mr_Zainal_Abidin_Bin_Mahmood.jpgMr Zainal Abidin Bin Mahmood
National Day Award (2012)
- The Public Administration Medal (Bronze)

Most Xtraordinary Teachers' Awards

Most Xtraordinary Teachers' Award (2015) 
Most Xtraordinary Teachers Award (2014)
Xtraordinary Teachers (2011)

Most Xtraordinary Teachers' Award (2015) 

Ms-Lim-May-Ling-Junie.jpgMs Junie Lim
Most Xtraordinary Teachers' Award (2015) 

ulrica.jpgMs Ulrica Liang
Most Xtraordinary Teachers' Award (2015) 

Most Xtraordinary Teachers' Award (2015) 

MS-NG-LEE-HUA.jpgMs Ng Lee Hua
Xtraordinary Teachers  Award (2014)
Xtraordinary Teachers Award (2011)

MRS-SUSAN-NG.jpgMrs Susan Ng
Most Xtraordinary Teachers Award (2014)

MR-ZHUANG-HAOYANG.jpgMr Zhuang Haoyang
Xtraordinary Teachers Award (2014)
Xtraordinary Teachers Award (2011)

MISS-YAP-BEE-LENG.jpgMs Yap Bee Leng
Most Xtraordinary Teachers Award (2014)
Most Xtraordinary Teachers Award (2011)

MISS-LIN-MINGLEI.jpgMs Lin Minglei
Xtraordinary Teachers Award (2011)

Most Xtraordinary EAS Awards

hanifah Mdm Hanifah Bte Ahmad
Xtraordinary EAS (2011)

Most Xtraordinary Staff Awards  

helen Mdm Helen Lim
Xtraordinary Staff Award (2015) 
Xtraordinary Staff Award (2014)

Outstanding Innovator Award (OIA)

MISS-KAMISAH-BTE-MIDI.jpgMiss Kamisah Binte Midi
Outstanding Innovator Awards (OIA) 

kas Mr Kasmuri Bin Muhali
Outstanding Innovator Awards (OIA)

MrJohn Mr John Selvamani
Outstanding Innovator Award (OIA)

Singapore Productivity Association In-House Innovation & Quality Circles Assessment 2015 - Gold

Innergy (Schools) Awards (2015 and 2016) - Silver
This award recognises individuals and teams whose innovative ideas have been successfully implemented, and whose innovations contribute significantly to MOE’s mission. 

Project Title: Modified and recycled drain dust pan

Team Leader: Mr John Selvamani

Members: Mr Derek Ler
                        Mr Kasmuri
                        Miss Kamisah
                        Mdm Rajoo
                        Mr Goh Yew Hock
                        Mr Kamsani
                        Mr Zainol

2015 PS21 ExCEL Awards
Innovation Champion - Gold
Miss Kamisah Binte Midi

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