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National Orienteering Race (Schools) 2017 Xinmin ODAC has done it again!


A total of eleven teams from Xinmin's ODAC participated in the second edition of the National Orienteering Race (Schools) co-organised by the Orienteering Federation Singapore (OFS) and Northbrooks Secondary School at Republic Polytechnic on Saturday, 15th July 2017.  The race format this year was changed to increase the level of initiative and strategic thinking required by participants in order to succeed.  Instead of running along a route fixed by the race organisers, participants were required to set their own routes to locate as many checkpoints as possible within a fixed period of time.  Our teams carried themselves well during the race, displaying good judgement, tenacity and most importantly sportsmanship.  Congratulations to the three teams who won honours for the school.

Yeo Hui Yen, Adeline (202) & Leong Jeng Ning, Mendelyn (207)Yasmin Binte Zaidi (207) & Nadia Augustina Putri  (207) 
Vianca Kirana Lantanea (301) & Beatrice Tan Kia Hwee (303) 
"C" Div (Girls) Champions"C" Div (Girls) 3rd position
"B" Div (Girls) 2nd position


National Orienteering Race (Schools) 2017

Xinmin Secondary School Team List

'C' Division Girls

'C' Division Boys

'B' Division Girls

'B' Division Boys

Xinmin Team 1

1.  Yeo Hui Yen, Adeline (202)

2.  Leong Jeng Ning, Mendelyn (207)

Xinmin Team 4

1.  Keegan Tay Jun Ren (201)

2.  Lim Shi Xi (204)

Xinmin Team 7

1.  Vianca Kirana Lantanea (301)

2.  Tan Kia Hwee, Beatrice (303)

Xinmin Team 10

1.  Raidon, Seah Wai Boon (308)

2.  Xavier Ong Wee Lin (309)

Xinmin Team 2

1.  Nadia Augustina Putri  (207)

2.  Yasmin Binte Zaidi (207)

Xinmin Team 5

1.  Jovan Ng Zhen Bang (207)

2.  Muhammad Danish Irfan B Azlin (207)

Xinmin Team 8

1.  Rachel Lai Wai Ting (302)

2.  Sim Qing Li Celest (301)

Xinmin Team 11

1.  Tan Yan Zheng (301)

2.  Joshua Choong (202)

Xinmin Team 3

1.  Gina Khuan Jun Jing (201)

2.  Jomin Cheng Yue Min (207)

Xinmin Team 6

1.  Teh Zhi Wei Jordi (206)

2.  Nguyen Vinh Hai Trieu (207)

Xinmin Team 9

1.  Liow Seng Hong (301)

2.  Ong Wee Kiat (304)


1.  Tan Xin Li (202)




1.  Nur Khalisah d/o Nazirudin (309)


1.  Charles Ker Jun Xian (303)