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Digital Business Challenge 2017

Digital Business Challenge 2017.pngDigital Business Challenge 2017 2.jpg

Congratulations to the following students from Class 309:

Sim Pei Ying (Leader)
Nur Khairina Bte Zulkiflie
Sharifah Natasha Bte Syed M
Tan Jia Xuan
Teo Tung Jzee Shannyn
Yong Shan En, Eline
Jonas Ng Jun Han

for winning the Best Customer Service award at the Digital Business Challenge 2017 organised by Republic Polytechnic.  The event drew teams from 23 secondary schools with over 160 students participated on 27 – 27 Aug 2017.
The panel of judges from the industry were very impressed by the team and commended them for their dedication and ability to put together a comprehensive and brilliant business idea. Pei Ying and her team had put in a lot of hard work since April to develop new products to be sold during the competition.

Xinmin is proud of their achievement as they have demonstrated that they are good problem solvers and passionate citizens.