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2018 MOE Financial Assistance Scheme

Dear Parents / Guardians,

We are pleased to informed that MOE has revised the income eligibility criteria for MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) with effect from 1 April 2018. The key changes are as follows:




Revised from 1 April 2018


- Gross monthly Household Income

  (GHI) of $2,500 and below; or


- Gross monthly household per Capita

   Income (PCI) of $625 and below



- GHI of $2,750 and below; or



- PCI of $690 and below


Families and students who meet the revised income criteria are invited to obtain the application forms at our General Office and submit to the school by Monday, 16 April 2018. This will allow the school to render the FAS benefits to families which meet the revised criteria from the month of May 2018.

Thank you

General Office

Xinmin Secondary School 

Attachment : 2018 MOE FAS Leaflet