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Assessment Plan

Our Sec 1 to 3 students will be graded based on the following assessments:


Teachers will grade their students’ attainment of the school-defined student outcomes – Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge (ASK), using a standardised set of rubrics.
Examples of “Other Assessments” include projects, practical tests and assignments.

The components of the Continual Assessment (CA) and Semestral Assessment (SA) in the result slips are:


Our Sec 4 & 5 students will be taking the following assessments:
Term 1: Common Test
Term 2: Mid-Year Examination
Term 3: Preliminary Examination

Their results will be reported in the form of progress reports and result slips. However, only the scores obtained during the Preliminary Examinations will be used in the computation of school grades for their graduating year. Our Sec 4 & 5 students will not be graded based on the alternative modes of assessment.

The subject-specific assessment plans for Sec 1 to 3 students can be found in the links below.

Assessment_Plan_1E_1NA 2017.pdf
Assessment_Plan_1NT 2017.pdf

Assessment_Plan_2E_2NA 2017.pdf
Assessment_Plan_2NT 2017.pdf

Assessment_Plan_3E_3NA 2017.pdf
Assessment_Plan_3NT 2017.pdf