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Student Council

Xinmin’s Student Council aims to develop Student Councillors into dynamic student leaders who are caring, responsible and adaptable. The Student Council supports the school’s operations and looks into the welfare of students. In addition, the Student Council organises annual events such as the Secondary One Orientation, Combined Sports Meet and All Staff Day. Most recently, the Student Council restructured itself with a new vision of Leading, Listening and Learning, accompanied by new committees with strategic job scopes and goals.

Mr. Gary Neo (HOD/Student Leadership)
Mr. Effendy bin Ahmadi (2IC/Student Leadership)
Ms. Avelyn Wei
Mr. Colin Low
Mr. Ganesan Selvarathnam
Ms. Grace Heng
Ms. Gwyneth Chua
Mrs. Kwek Yin Sy
Mr. Liu Hongyou
Mrs. Shanti Teo
Ms. Ulrica Liang

Executive Committee 2016/2017
President:         Lee Jia Le, Joshua (403)
Vice-Presidents: Ajit Balaji (402)
               See Chow You (406)
Executive Heads: Athena Tan Jiaxin (403)
                                        Chew Wen Jing (403)
                                        Tan Si Ying Kristabel (403)
                                        Lim Zee Yan (406)

Executive Committee 2017/2018
President:         Quek Li Ning Tammy (301)
Vice-Presidents: Tng Zi Qiang Jake (301)
                                        Winnie Chua Wei Lin (301)
Executive Heads: Joanna Ng Min Yu (301)
                                        Sen Sheng Wen (302)
                                        Ashley Tammy Sim (305)
                                        Nigel Yeo Chang Feng (306)